Hi! I’m Jess, 23, live in the UK.

So, basically, this is where you can see some of my work and have the opportunity to purchase some if you should so desire.

I set this site up because, although i have drawn and loved drawing for as long as i can remember, i’ve only really started sharing my work semi-publicly over the past year or so and since then i’ve had a few people express interest in buying some of my drawings should they become available so…here we are!

I don’t claim to be any kind of professional, other than studying art throughout school, up to and including A Level, i’m completely self-taught. It has always really just been a hobby for me. I’m still learning and trying new things as i go along but right now I mostly just draw what takes my fancy and enjoy challenging myself.

Well, if you’re here, thanks for checking out the site.

Do check out the other pages for more information on making any purchases.

Feel free to comment or say hello! Also if you have any suggestions of what to draw i’ll happily hear them.