Set costs/expectations for commissions is complicated because I try to work in a variety of different ways but i’ll totally give anything a go if you have any requests.

Overall cost will depend on size/type of media (material, e.g. pencil, paint, digital etc.)/time it takes to do and possibly postage (which of course varies depending on location/size etc.)

But as i say i’m perfectly happy to give anything a go and would give a quote on price beforehand to make sure everyone is happy.

Anyway, it’s only me, we can talk things out and I don’t bite! I’m still quite new to commissions and drawing purely for other people but it’s great fun and very flattering that I’ve been asked to do them.

If you’d like to commission me feel free to contact me through any of my social media, comment here on this site or email me at Thanks!

A few examples of drawings I’ve done as commissions/gifts/suggestions from others are below.